Megan Fox Hooked Up With Shia LaBeouf, More Proof That Women Date Down

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Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf Hooked Up

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The world’s hottest person, Megan Fox, confirmed on Thursday night that she had a “romantic” relationship with Transformers costar Shia LaBeouf. Shia spilled the beans on this one back in 2011, but because this is the same guy who wore a creepy paper bag over his head to his own movie premiere, we understandably took his revelation with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, Megan is apparently too pretty to feel shame and admitted to the showmance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in front of millions of people.

Andy Cohen referenced Shia’s 2011 interview with Details magazine where he described that he had a ‘thing’ with Megan while filming the Transformers franchise, and Megan tried to downplay the situation.

“I mean, I would confirm it was romantic. I love him,” Megan said, avoiding what we all know was the real question. “I’ve never been really private about that. I love him.”

Understanding that we could also say the same thing about our relationship with caramel macchiatos, Andy pressed on and asked Megan to clarify that she had an on-set romance with a man who once described his life as one long performance art piece, which she confirmed. If we’re being honest, their “relationship” seems more like they hooked up in Shia’s trailer a few times before going back to playing the background characters in a story about cars that can think, but we understand the need for damage control in this situation.

Megan is an actress who is best known for being on Maxim‘s Hot 100 list at least five times, while Shia peaked during his stint on Disney Channel‘s Even Stevens, so news of their relationship is confirmation that women do date down (something we already knew).

Since their Transformers days, Megan has been in some comedy movies and television shows, and she’s married her longtime on-again, off-again boyfriend Brian Austin Green, who hasn’t been relevant since Beverly Hills, 90210, the original series. Meanwhile, Shia LaBeouf has been accused of plagiarism four times, which he responded to by plagiarising an apology from Yahoo! Answers. So random. He also entered an outpatient program for alcoholism in 2014, but was later caught cursing at the police on bodycam footage while intoxicated in 2017. He has also livestreamed himself watching all of his films in chronological order in a movie theatre, starred in a Sia music video, and inspired us all during his 30-minute long improv acting video where he reminded us to “Do it! Just do it! Don’t let your dreams be dreams!”

Shia is currently dating Rob Pattison‘s ex-girlfriend, the amazing genre-bending musician FKA Twigs. In a weird twist, Shia’s ex-wife Mia Goth is Robert’s costar in the recent movie High Life. Hollywood is so effing weird.

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