20 YouTubers Who Make Major Bank

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YouTube / Jake Paul
YouTube / Jojo Siwa

YouTube is awesome for a lot of reasons. It’s one of the only major tech companies to have a female CEO, Susan Wojcicki. It’s the second-most popular website in the world, with one billion hours of content being watched daily. It still has a bunch of unlicensed music and television shows if you miss the days of illegal pirating. Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has become a viable career option for anyone with a decent camera, something to say, and a lot of luck (or corporate sponsorship… or both).

Hundreds of YouTubers make over one million USD worldwide from uploading videos to the site and parlaying their online influence into sponsorships, merchandising, and the occasional traditional media deal for television or movies. These twenty YouTube stars make major bank from their channels. Some of them seem like really awesome people, and others are human dumpster fires, so only read on if you’re prepared to be a little disenchanted. Knowledge is power! Maybe this list of major stars and their net worths will inspire you to pick up a camera and start filming.

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