18 of the Most Fame-Hungry Celebs in All of Hollywood

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Some celebs are definitely not coy about wanting to prolong their 15 minutes of fame! These celebrities will do anything to stay relevant and keep themselves in the spotlight. They are fame-hungry AF. You know the type — after their minor dalliances with fame, they turn up on every reality TV show, podcast, and entertainment news show they can. Some try to keep their popularity running with outrageous social media presences or just good ole fashioned scandals. But no matter how you spin it, all of these fame-hungry celebs are trying to do one thing: get you to notice them.

The irony here is that some of these celebs are so eager to do anything and everything they can to stay in the public consciousness that fans get overloaded and sick of them. I mean, c’mon, when’s the last time we didn’t hear about the Kardashians for just a day?! But fame-hungry celebs clearly don’t care. They make it their business to be omnipresent forces on TV and in the media so we literally cannot ignore them! TBH, it makes most of them annoying AF. But there is no denying that you’ll recognize every fame-hungry face on this list!

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