PHOTOS: Celebrities Recreating Their Throwback Pics

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Nothing beats that feeling of nostalgia that hits us whenever we flip through the pages of our old photo albums. There’s just something about those silly baby pics, awkward prom portraits and hilarious family candids that get us every time. But for some people, simply looking at old pics isn’t enough to truly appreciate their fondest memories. Some have gone as far as recreating their funniest throwback photos, and even celebrities have joined in on the trend.

These stars pretty much nailed their recreations, down to every detail. While some took inspiration from their childhood photos, others recreated their most iconic looks from past films and shows. Plus, cast members from shows like Boy Meets World and The Office have reunited to remake well-known gems. As much as we’ve enjoyed seeing their comparisons, we imagine that they had even more fun trying to relive their favorite memories.

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