Photos of Celebrities At The Same Age As Their Kids

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We’ve all heard the self-fulfilling prophecy that everyone is doomed to become their parents. When your mom is one of the top box office draws in the United States or your dad is a professional football player, that prospect is a little less daunting and more of an exciting thing to look forward to. There are some aspects of aging and ‘becoming our parents’ that are simply scientific. As we age, it becomes more difficult for us to sleep in, we get overly nostalgic because of antidepressant triggers in our brains, and you’ll get more dopamine from boring $h*! like long-term gardening than jumping out of a plane. Other parts of aging are entirely due to genetics. When your gene pool is so perfect that the older you get, the more you look like Angelina Jolie, the trade-offs from aging seem like a small price to pay for inching closer to perfection.

Our A-List celebrities are now old enough that their children are roughly the same ages that they were when they first got their big break. The next generation is coming of age, and they’re bringing with them a healthy dose of that nostalgia that us old geezers are apparently hard-wired to love. Looking at Reese Witherspoon‘s daughter is like looking at the 1990s — a mirror back into the days when we didn’t know Ryan Phillippe kind of sucks as a person and we had “Bittersweet Symphony” playing on repeat. Even funnier are the celebrity children who look nothing like their mom and dad, the rare case where we’re left wondering if they might have more of a resemblance to a boom operator somewhere than their movie star ‘father.’ Take a look at seventeen celebrities at the same age as their kids, and let us know who you think might be an illegitimate heir to the Hollywood throne.

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