15 Random Kardashian-Jenner Products The Family Launched

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It seems like there isn’t a week that goes by without the Kardashians and Jenners announcing some new business venture. That family is always hustling. And you have to commend momager Kris Jenner for that. There are KarJenner products and businesses that make sense given the family’s “lifestyle.” Things in the realm of beauty (hello, Kylie Cosmetics) and fashion seem like good add-ons. But, there are other businesses ventures that seem random AF.

Some could say that the Kardashian-Jenners try to branch out into all areas to grow themselves. Other more cynical people might say they’ll do anything for money. Some could say that they are attempting to attract new fans. We will never know the exact reasons for some of the launches, but we do know what ones have worked out and what ones didn’t. We will also remember the ones that made us scratch our heads and wonder what is going on. Her are 15 totally random Kardashian-Jenner products and businesses.

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