Old Video Of Billie Eilish Reacting To A Shirtless Justin Bieber Resurfaces & It’s Everything

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By now, you’ve already seen the video of Billie Eilish meeting Justin Bieber at Coachella 2019 during Ariana Grande‘s set. Yeah, the number of things bolded in that first sentence should tell you how epic it was. It was particularly epic because the “Wish You Were Gay” singer has previously said that she only wanted to become famous to meet her longtime celebrity crush, J.B., and it happened at the most popular music festival of the year — where she performed at only 17 years old. Pretty crazy stuff.

You can see her talking about how he was her first love here:

Then watch them meet here:

While both videos are pretty amazing, it’s this next video that shows a young Billie Eilish looking at a shirtless J.B. grinding in the “All That Matters” music video and proceeding to faint (or more likely, pretending to faint) that truly just defines a generation:

Naturally, fans were having a field day with the resurfaced video (a Vine, we might add) — mostly because it’s just so damn relatable.

Billie hasn’t commented on the Vine yet, but she’s never been shy about her obsession affection for Justin Bieber, so it’s doubtful she’ll be embarrassed in any way. Need proof? Watch her on the Ellen DeGeneres show.


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