Riverdale’s Madelaine Petch & Vanessa Morgan Just Dropped A Genius Hack For The Perfect Selfie

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YouTube / Madelaine Petsch

We already knew that a celebrity’s propensity to take the perfect selfie is much, much higher than us plebs. Well, at least we can take tips from the best of the best — Riverdale stars Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, and the real-life Toni Topaz, Vanessa Morgan. Together, they make up one of The CW’s cutest ships, #Choni. Y’all know they’ve perfected the art of the selfie, see below:

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How very ?

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1 day left of work till Christmas Break !??

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In Madelaine’s new YouTube video that covers her last day of filming season three of Riverdale and moving back to L.A., Choni showed us a hack to get a hands-free selfie with perfect lighting. Two words: Nipple covers. We see Madelaine ditch the selfie stick and take two nipple covers, fold them over so that the top and bottom are attached and it’s sticky on both sides, then attach each nipple cover to the back of her phone, spread one to two inches apart. Then she sticks it to a frosted window with lighting coming in from behind the camera and — voila! — the perfect selfie lighting. For you visual learners, see below:

Now here’s the second thing we need to talk about… Madelaine herself admitted she was being ~vague~ when she was describing that she and Vanessa “have to do a photo for… something.” They’re also wearing matching shirts. What could it mean?! We’re thinking it might be for a #spon or a behind-the-scenes Riverdale extra.

Watch the full video below and sound off in the comments if this selfie hack worked for you! We’ll be here waiting patiently to see what this mysterious photoshoot was for. Neither Madealine nor Vanessa have posted the purple matching shirt photo on the ‘gram yet and we’re curious.


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