Complete Timeline of Ross Lynch & Gavin Leatherwood’s Bromance

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January 2019: Gavin Revisits His First Scene With Ross In An Interview

Ross Lynch And Gavin Leatherwood Bromance

The CW

Three months after Gavin first talked to Refinery29 about his first (and at that point, only) scene with Ross, he spoke to Grue Monkey about the experience and how it shaped his now-rock solid bond with the former Disney star. Gavin said he’d been friends with Ross before their one-on-one scene, but that day “solidified a tight bond” between the BFFs. He also shared that he can’t say enough good things about Ross and that they’ve improvised songs together during the self-proclaimed “around the campfire” singer’s jam sessions with his rockstar bro. Gavin finished the interview by saying he’d be open to having Nick and Harvey become lovers on the series, and that he’s down for “any excuse to smooch that adorable man.”

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