Complete Timeline of Ross Lynch & Gavin Leatherwood’s Bromance

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April 2019: Gavin & Ross Goof Off In Monochromes

Gavin, Ross, and Kiernan Shipka did a promotional shoot for Netflix in April 2019, but Gavin only shared behind the scenes HUJIs of himself and Ross goofing around in their monochromatic ‘fits. Ross rocked cow print jeans with a matching jacket, a white turtleneck, and black Adidas, while Gavin was given red pants, a lighter red shirt, and a long red raincoat with black converse. We’d love to know what, exactly, this bizarre shoot was for, but the boys both pulled off their statement looks with panache. Clearly, Ross and Gavin are the real victors in this love triangle. Sorry, Kiernan.

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