Complete Timeline of Ross Lynch & Gavin Leatherwood’s Bromance

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April 2019: Gavin Tells W He’s “Team Harvey”

Ross Lynch And Gavin Leatherwood Bromance

The CW

Part 2 of Chilling Adventures went all-in on the Nick and Sabrina ship, making Ros a new love interest for Harvey and turning this love triangle into a fairly neat love square. Even though it looks like Harvey and Nick’s battle for Sabrina’s heart has been put on hold for now, people still take sides in the series’s first romantic dilemma. While Nick is team Nabrina, Gavin revealed to W Magazine that he’s team Sabrina and Harvey. Gavin says this is because they’re each other’s first love, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it had a little more to do with Gavin’s respect for his romantic rival IRL.

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