17 Celebrities Who Escaped The “Child Star” Stereotype

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Disney Channel

There are thousands of child stars out there who just didn’t make it into the big bad world of adult stardom. We’re talking about the Macauley Culkins, Corbin Bleus, and Emily Osments of the world — a moment of silence for their careers, if you will. In saying this, there are plenty of Hollywood A-listers who got their start on kids’ TV shows and movies, like High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Victorious, and lest we forget about The Mickey Mouse Club. Lots of stars even owe their success to the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon — and somehow still managed to leave their kiddish roles behind and be taken seriously as actors and artists. That’s some good management. You’d almost forget that feminist icon and body positive Miley Cyrus was once the innocent Miley Stewart on Disney’s Hannah Montana, wouldn’t you? There are plenty more child stars who transcended that stereotype — and we’re here to break ’em down.

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