17 Celebrities Who Escaped The “Child Star” Stereotype

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miley cyrus

Sheri Determan/WENN.com

Miley Cyrus stole our hearts when she played Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on Disney’s amazing show Hannah Montana. The show lasted until 2011, with Miley also starring in the movie version of the show in 2009. She was arguably the biggest Disney star at the time, and it wasn’t till her solo singing and acting career took off that she really left her child star title behind. Miley unleashed her wild side when she released her third studio album Bangerz in 2013 and shook the entire world when she began performing in a style that we’ll just say wasn’t typical of a Disney kid. She took a break from R&B with 2017’s album Younger Now and then did a bit of a mashup with a shorter project called She Is Coming.

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