16 Celebrities You Never Realized Are Super Short

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If you’ve ever happened to see a celebrity on the street, you will know what a surprising experience it can be. It’s not just a shock to see an A-lister on the same street as you and out of their movie/television/modeling campaign habitat. It can be a surprise because seeing someone in the flesh can make you realize the image you had of them when you saw them on screen and in magazines can be very different. Some celebrities can be shorter than you thought. Others can be even more beautiful. And some might have an aura that just wasn’t captured on film. We’re here to talk about shortest celebrities.

We’re not saying stars are trying to intentionally deceive us with what they really are like. It can be our perceptions of seeing someone on the big screen compared to in real life which accounts for the differentiation. When we’re used to seeing people on massive flat screen TVs and on the behemoth movie screens in theaters, it’s only natural that we assume they’re pretty big in real life. Some of these celebs might have larger-than-life personalities and talents, but they are really short. Take a look at 16 of the shortest celebrities. We bet you didn’t realize what adorable small fries they are.

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