Get Acclimated Before Tana Turns 21: Tana Mongeau’s 18 Wildest Looks

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Brad Sucks But This Outfit Does Not

I know Tana doesn’t want us talking sh*t about Brad Sousa because she still loves him or whatever, but we would be talking sh*t about him anyway for being a professional Justin Bieber impersonator who plays with his food, so he’s fair game. The dude literally cheated via ~Snapchat~, a social media site that Tana’s BFF Kylie Jenner told us was out months ago. Still, this outfit is peak Tana. It’s possibly too revealing to actually have anywhere besides PornHub (jk?), made of pleather, and if we showed her from the back in those assless chaps it probably would show up on PornHub considering the amount of ass this girl’s got.

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