Get Acclimated Before Tana Turns 21: Tana Mongeau’s 18 Wildest Looks

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When She Went Brunette

Tana is one of those people who could rock any hair color. Maybe it’s the spray tan? Or, with all of the beach pics on her IG, an actual tan? Truly revolutionary. In case you couldn’t tell, the woman on the right of this photo is, in fact, Queen Tana with black-brown hair. The Nikes are a move for an NYE party. While everyone else is suffering in heels, Tana has sneakers and baggy pants, but her bedazzled bra will still make her the center of attention. The sweatsuit and beanie vibe is definitely hip-hop inspired, but Tana pulls it off without really appropriating. Tana avoiding controversy? It really is new year, new her.

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