All The Celebrities Who Stand With Taylor Swift After Scooter Braun Tumblr Post

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S*** is getting real in the music industry RN. In case you missed it, Scooter Braun made a deal with Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records and therefore owns Taylor Swift‘s first six albums that she made with the label before switching over to Republic for her seventh, Lover, out in August. Now, Taylor’s saying that she only **just** found out about the deal and is disheartened that Scooter, who she says incessantly bullied her during her lowest time — in the aftermath of the Kim Kardashian Snapchat takedown of 2k16 — is now going to own the music that she made in the hopes of one day owning the rights to. We did a whole post about her iconic Tumblr post, which you can read here.

#WeStandWithTaylorSwift started trending almost instantly on Twitter, and it seems like along with all the fans who are hitting the ‘unfollow’ button on Scooter, some celebrities are joining in, too. These are the celebrities who have shown their support of Taylor since her Tumblr takedown.

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