Taylor Swift’s 18 Most Publicized Celebrity Feuds

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Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift Feuds Kim Kardashian

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If Kanye West is involved in something, it is likely that Kim Kardashian is going to get involved in it, too. That is exactly what happened with the Taylor Swift-Kanye West feud. Things were already heated, but the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star added her two cents — and some snake emojis. She shared a series of Snapchats which appeared to show a phone call between Taylor and Kanye and her approving of a Kanye song. Taylor responded saying that the Snapchats — along with the phone conversation — never addressed the specific line that made it into “Famous.” Taylor haters began using the snake, like Kim, to drag the singer. Taylor went on to reclaim the sssssymbol in her videos and concerts.

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