Taylor Swift’s 18 Most Publicized Celebrity Feuds

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Katy Perry

Taylor Swift Feuds Katy Perry

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Out of all Taylor Swift’s feuds, her drama with Katy Perry has to be one of the most infamous examples. It’s lengthy and seems to stem from backup dancer drama and one lady allegedly poaching the other’s crew. Diss tracks followed from both parties including Taylor’s “Bad Blood” and Katy’s “Swish Swish.” In 2017, the tide seemed to be turning when Katy said she wanted to make peace. She made good on her promise a year later when she sent Taylor a literal olive branch. Both parties seemed ready to move on from what Katy dubbed “miscommunications.” Having Katy appear in Tay’s “You Need to Calm Down” video was proof for many fans that the feud was finally over. But, Taylor revealed amends were made before that. So, happy ending?

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