20 Things To Know About Tessa Thompson

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Tessa Thompson Facts Avengers Valkyrie

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When we see someone we like in a movie or TV show, we want to get to know them. Tessa Thompson has likely piqued a lot of people’s interest given some of the killer roles she has had in recent years. On the small screen, she has starred on Westworld and she appeared on some of our other favorite TV shows. (More on that later.) The actress has kicked a lot of butt on the big screen with roles in Men in Black: International and Marvel’s Thor and Avengers.

If you have wanted to know more about the fascinating lady who plays the parts, but haven’t gotten a chance to brush up on Tessa Thompson facts, do not stress. We have done all the research for you. (That is what we’re here for.) Get to know the actress and her character choices more with these behind-the-scenes tidbits and biography facts. Here are 20 fascinating Tessa Thompson facts that will make you even more intrigued with the leading lady.

Tessa was on Veronica Mars.

Tessa Thompson Facts Veronica Mars Jackie Cook

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Everyone is familiar with Kristen Bell‘s starring role on Veronica Mars, but we can sometimes forget about the other great actresses and actors in the cast. One of them was Tessa Thompson. She had a starring role on the show from 2005 to 2006. She played Jackie Cook during the second season of the television series. Spoiler alert: The character’s dad was a former basketball player and she preferred macchiatos over magicians. (“I don’t care if you are the house magician. Can you just make me a macchiato?”) Jackie was also a romantic interest of Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III).

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