Where In The World Is Timothée Chalamet?

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Instagram / Timothée Chalamet

Here’s the thing: we miss Timothée Chalamet. He hasn’t posted on Instagram since the beginning of April, and we’re thirsty for more Timmy.

The Oscar-nominated actor, whose fame exploded after co-starring in Call Me By Your Name with Armie Hammer, has been largely unaccounted for since he made an appearance at the 76th Golden Globes at the beginning of this year (with his mom as his date, nonetheless), and then the BAFTAs in London following. While we know films are in the works, we’re sad he hasn’t been more public with his personal life, even if it’s just smooching his rumored girlfriend Lily-Rose Depp on the sidewalks of Lower Manhattan (forever pretending he did that with us, instead).

So where has the charmingly awkward heartthrob been, exactly? We do have some clues.

For one, his upcoming film, Dune, started filming in Budapest, Hungary. Timmy joins a star-studded cast that includes Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Dave Bautista, and Josh Brolin. The highly anticipated sci-fi adaptation started production in February, led by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, who has famously brought sci-fi films like Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 to life. With a release date of November 2020, we suspect our boy to be pretty busy for a while.

His latest Instagram video, posted April 9th, involved no caption but did include a location tag: Jordan. As in the country. We suspect it had something to do with Dune, as it is in the middle of a desert and looks very dune-like, anyway.

Proving that we stans are desperate for more content, his last post became his most-engaged post ever (while this photo of him and his mom comes in second, because how cute are they?), and stans had *thoughts* about it.

One user commented, “this desert is representing the drought for us timmy stans.” True that.

Another stan said, “i… have never clicked a notification so fast in my life…” Many other fans made comments glad to see that he was alive (not that people thought he actually wasn’t).

The last time he posted anything on-feed before this was January 25 and it was a picture of his sister, Pauline Chalamet. Very sweet, Timmy, but not what we’re looking for in terms of your content.

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bday gurl… the big 5-0 so soon !!

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But even in the respective Dune shooting locations, Timmy has been super under the radar, with sightings from fans being few and far in-between. He was spotted dining with Denis in Budapest on February 17th, though, which did give many fans hope for more sightings. But we have not been so lucky.

Unfortunately, we may not see much of Timmy at all until he starts promotion of Little Women, which premieres in the United States this upcoming December. Ugh. (But sincerely thank you for this marvelous Christmas present, Tim.)

Even though we are indeed in a Timothée drought at the moment, it just means we’ll be seeing much more of him soon upon the release of his upcoming films. We can’t wait for more endearingly cringe-worthy interviews with our King! To tide you over for a bit, here’s this one:


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