Where Your Favorite YouTubers From Middle School Are Now

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Grace Helbig

Favorite Middle School YouTubers


Grace Helbig became popular through her daily vlog channel run by My Damn Channel in 2008, reaching 2.4 million subscribers by 2013, which was a pretty big deal back then. Although, to be fair (again), if we got 2.4 million subscribers on anything we would literally sh*t ourselves, so big congrats to Grace. By 2014, Grace split from My Damn Channel to make her own main channel, it’sGrace, which passed one million subscribers only two and a half weeks after Grace’s departure from her My Damn Channel DailyGrace vlogging channel. Grace still regularly uploads, often with regular collaborator Mamrie Hart, and very briefly had her own comedy talk show for E!, but somehow she’s kept a fairly low profile in the mainstream compared to other modern YouTube personalities.

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