Where Your Favorite YouTubers From Middle School Are Now

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Favorite Middle School YouTubers


Toby Turner, who began his YouTube career as Tobuscus, still has over six million subscribers on both his main channel and his gaming channel, but he’s not as relevant as he was in 2006 when his YouTube career began. Back in the old days, Toby collabed with other big names like Annoying Orange, Phillip DeFranco, and Shane Dawson while working closely with mainstream advertisers like NBC, Disney, and Fox. He recently completed a four-book deal with Harper Collins and appeared on American Dad in 2016, so apparently, no one cares about rape allegations these days. In 2016, Toby’s ex-girlfriend accused him of drugging and raping her in a lengthy Tumblr post, in addition to regularly cheating on his partners and having a major drug problem. Toby quietly lost a few business partnerships, including a voice role in the Marvel Avengers Academy video game, but his channel hasn’t suffered much following his ex’s statements.

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