Where Your Favorite YouTubers From Middle School Are Now

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Michelle Phan

Favorite Middle School YouTubers


Michelle Phan is the matriarch, patriarch, and Original God of YouTube beauty channels. Maybe that’s why everything in the Beauty YouTube world has gone to sh*t recently — they’ve spent too long existing in a God-less void with no guiding voice of reason, and now it’s just a lawless climb to the top while James Charles, Nikita Dragun, and the likes try to occupy the throne Michelle had left empty. Michelle’s YouTube career landed her on 2015’s Inc. and Forbes 30 under 30 lists and made her the first Vietnamese Lancôme spokeswoman in 2010, but the pioneer took a nearly two-year hiatus from the site due to exhaustion and image issues. She returned to YouTube in June 2019 with a 24/7 radio Livestream of curated songs, but Variety made it clear this doesn’t mean she’s going to start vlogging again any time soon.

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