Where Your Favorite YouTubers From Middle School Are Now

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Shane Dawson

Favorite Middle School YouTubers


You can count Tana Mongeau amongst Shane Dawson‘s long-time fans, with the MTV reality star regularly sharing that Shane’s channel was her saving grace as a tween. Shane started out as a sketch comedy channel in 2008, but his career went in a different direction in 2015 (which, on an unrelated note, is the same year Shane came out as bisexual) when he started his highly-popular conspiracy show. Shane has now added docu-series to his arsenal, with his most recent installment on Eugenia Cooney receiving praise from the YouTube community and mainstream media. That’s not to say Shane hasn’t had his share of controversies over the years — obviously, any real friend of Tana’s has — but somehow he’s managed to side-step any real backlash from what he’s described as his former “shock jock” comedic style.

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