Where Your Favorite YouTubers From Middle School Are Now

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Favorite Middle School YouTubers


The Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green uploaded a video in July 2019 titled “Why Are We Still Doing This?” which is probably the most relatable thing they’ve said since 2012. Since their channel began as a way for the brothers to communicate without their phones, the Vlogbrothers and their Nerdfighter community have become an integral part of the YouTube landscape, with Hank creating the occasionally controversial West Coast convention Vidcon and John inadvertently blossoming into the most popular teen romance novelist since Sarah Dessen. It’s been over a decade of the brothers posting two videos weekly, and they show no signs of stopping. Since every generation will, undoubtedly, have smart kids who feel misunderstood, the brothers will probably keep “doing this” for new audiences long after their first batch of Nerdfighters have grown beyond their nerdy middle school personas and birthed nerdy middle schoolers of their own.

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