20 Of The Most Dramatic YouTuber Apology Videos

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Zoella & Her £50 Advent Calendar

YouTube / Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg, AKA “Zoella,” is Alfie Deyes’s longtime girlfriend, so it’s not too shocking that she’s also been involved in a scandal of her own — this one involving money, as well. The British YouTuber has been popular in the UK and across the world for over ten years now, but it’s only recently that she was faced with controversy. Because of her super young viewership, the beauty guru has been accused of exploiting children for money with her brand deals and product launches. One of the worst instances was when she released a £50 advent calendar that was worth WAY less than that. She uploaded an apology video, where she kind of apologized, kind of defended herself, and lost a lot of followers in the process.

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