20 Of The Most Dramatic YouTuber Apology Videos

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Jenna Marbles & Her Fish

YouTuber Apology Videos Jenna Marbles Fish controversy

YouTube / James Charles

A more light-hearted video to finish things off, Jenna Marbles‘s apology to the “fish community” was possibly the highlight of 2017. Basically, Jenna — who is a vegan and huge animal lover — bought some new pet fish for her apartment. After she showed the fish in their tank on her YouTube channel, members of *the fish community* gave her a word or two of advice on the size of the tank they should be housed in. Jenna clearly felt awful about the fact that she was keeping her fish in a tank too small for them, so she uploaded a FORTY SEVEN MINUTE LONG apology video asking for forgiveness. So that, readers, is why Jenna is the queen of YouTube.

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