20 Of The Most Dramatic YouTuber Apology Videos

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Manny Mua’s “I Will Do Better” Video

YouTube / Manny Mua

Makeup YouTuber Manny MUA is known for having feuds with fellow influencers in the YouTube beauty community, but this apology video was made after it came to light that he mistreated a fan. In August 2018, a video surfaced from a meet and greet with Manny and his former best friend, Jeffree Star. In the video, a fan walks up to hug Jeffree, and while they were embracing, Manny pulls a funny face at Jeffree and starts to laugh. Manny uploaded a video about the incident, claiming that he laughed because the fan in the video walked right by him when he tried to hug her and he felt “awkward.” Manny’s friendship with Jeffree has since ended, but this entire situation blew over, too.

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