20 Of The Most Dramatic YouTuber Apology Videos

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Nikita Dragun’s Pedophilia Tweet

YouTube / Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun has been relatively okay when it comes to massive scandals, except for when this old tweet of hers came to light. A tweet from 2012 showed Nikita saying: “I’m not saying your child is ugly … I’m just saying you will never have to worry about pedophiles.” People were freaked, obviously, and Nikita decided to indirectly address it in the worst way ever — via Snapchat. The YouTuber uploaded a series of vague snaps where she talked about being different to the person she was when she was 15 and saying “insensitive things,” despite never acknowledging what these things were. The statement was weak and the apology non-existent, so this was a definite flop.

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