Adam Lambert Defends Taylor Swift From Critics Who Think She “Used” The LGBTQ+ Community

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Adam Lambert Defends Taylor Swift Critics Say She Used LGBTQ Community


Adam Lambert is a Swiftie! Ever since Taylor Swift got political last year, and released pro-LGBTQ+ anthem “You Need To Calm Down,” earlier this year, some critics have argued that the 29-year-old pop star is simply “cashing in” on the queer community and feigning allyship for more record sales. Sure, she’s employing LGBTQ+ people, trying to give them proper representation, and circulating a petition to help secure their rights — but her massive switch from politically silent to outspoken ally has been a shift that some are finding hard to believe.

But Adam, who appeared in the “YNTCD” music video, told BBC News that he thinks Taylor’s doing the right thing and that haters should back off — even if he does see both sides of the controversy.” The “Runnin'” singer said, “People are like, ‘She exploited the LBGTQ+ community for her own gain.’ But the thing that excuses that is that she called people to action. She got a ton of signatures on a petition for the Equality Act. That’s real action, so it’s not just for personal gain. She’s putting her money where her mouth is, and I thought that was really admirable.”

In 2009, Adam came out as gay in a Rolling Stone interview shortly after competing on American Idol season eight. He was tapped to appear in the Taylor Swift video after he ran into her on set of The Ellen Show.

Is Taylor Swift Using the Queer Community? Adam Lambert Says No

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This isn’t the first time Adam’s clapped back to Taylor’s critics. He told ABC News, “Yes, she is putting this message in a video for a pop song. And yes, the pop music world wants to sell. But also she’s putting her money where her mouth is and she’s creating conversation.”

He continued, “She put up a petition, she’s getting political, she’s getting involved. So I feel like, what else could we ask of her? She’s doing what we want an ally to do.”

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