Ariana Grande’s Got Some WORDS About International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow ladies out there! Celebrated on March 8th annually, it’s a great day for us to remember how far the women’s rights movement has come — and how far we still have to go. ICYMI: White women are, on average, paid about 80% of what their male counterparts are making in America — and if you’re a woman of color — the statistics bring it down to .58 on the dollar for Latina women and .60 for Black women. And while sexual assault and abuse is grotesquely prevalent for all women, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that LGBTQ+ people face that abuse at possibly even higher rates. So, if you’re a white lady — especially a white, straight, cis-lady — don’t get it twisted, today is not all about you. Another white, straight, cis-lady we all know and love is here to remind you of that, too: Ariana Grande.

The most-followed Instagrammer in the world, pop icon, and general crush of the world hopped onto Twitter this morning to wish her followers a happy International Women’s Day and give her two cents (or like, two dollars, really, because she’s Ariana MF’ing Grande) about intersectional feminism.

(FYI: “wbk” means “we been knew” which I had to Google for this post.)

Ariana Grande’s taken heat this year for cultural appropriation — or basically stealing aesthetics from Black, Latina, and Asian culture for her profit — but it’s nice to see her reflecting on how other groups of women suffer in our society. And, sure, it’s a little weird that their International Women’s Day video features a white, skinny, blonde paired with a tweet “to women of every color, shape, size, sexuality, age, religion, trans, cis, and all who identify,” but the message behind the vid is legit (that we’re. not. asking. for it. NMW.). That’s something we can all get behind, right?

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