The Most Sexist Interview Questions Female Celebrities Have Been Asked

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Could you imagine how a male celebrity would respond if he were asked about his last orgasm during a live interview? Or if a reporter insisted on finding out who they were dating at the moment? It’s almost impossible to imagine, isn’t it? Because for years we’ve seen the guys get the most meaningful and thought-provoking questions. Meanwhile, the ladies are always stuck with sexist interview questions that focus on fashion choices, their diets, or their dating lives. These ridiculous and invasive questions have been the norm for quite a while, but thankfully, that’s changing because of The Representation Project’s #AskHerMore campaign.

The aim of the movement is to combat sexist reporting by encouraging more questions that focus on women’s achievements, rather than their love lives, makeup, or outfit preferences. Thankfully, we’ve already seen a bit of progress on Hollywood’s red carpets. However, there’s still a long way to go, as old habits die hard. Here are some of the most insane sexist interview questions that female celebrities have had to deal with.

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