Ariana Grande Dishes On Her “Sick” First Kiss with Pete Davidson

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We collectively cannot get enough of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson‘s relationship. Ever since they got together in May, they haven’t stop gushing about one another and TBQH they’re the reason why we believe in love again. The latest update on their whirlwind romance involves Ariana filling us in on what it’s like to kiss Pete. The “God Is a Woman” singer appeared on BFF Nicki Minaj‘s Queen radio show where she reminisced about her first-ever kiss with him.

The two haven’t been shy about locking lips in public (the 2018 MTV VMAs are all the proof we need), so when Nicki asked Ariana to share the deets about the first time it happened, she was more than ready to dish. She described the smooch as “sick” and “so dope,” but also revealed that the Saturday Night Live star asked for her permission before he planted one on her.

“It was so cute,” she said before Nicki asked whether the kiss was sensual or not, to which Ariana replied, “It wasn’t, like, too naughty of a kiss, but, definitely, there was so much… you know… in there, you know? It was really sweet, but it was also really sexy.”

We’re not confident we understand what she means, but the fact that Pete asked if he could kiss her is more than cute… it’s everything. Nicki was also able to confirm the strength of Ariana and Pete’s undeniable connection. “Y’all have the same sense of humor. I know with girls like you and me who like the laugh, it’s so important,” she said. Ariana agreed, adding, “We’re like the boy and girl version of each other, except he’s 17 feet tall and I’m four inches tall.”

The “Barbie Dreams” rapper has already publicly shown her love for Pete. Earlier this week, she commented on one of Ariana’s Instagram photos of him from his photoshoot with Variety, writing: “OMG @ the most perfect man on the planet. wtf does he have a brother bitch??!”

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The couple got engaged in June after just a few weeks of dating and though there have been some skeptics, Ariana and Pete keep proving that their love is the real deal. In fact, the comedian told Ariana he wanted to marry her the day he met her and later sent her pictures of engagement rings. The feeling was mutual for Ariana, who revealed on The Tonight Show that she jokingly told her tour manager that she was “100%” going to marry Pete after she hosted SNL in 2016.

Now, it looks like their relationship just keeps getting stronger and stronger. “We have a lot of fun. He’s like my best friend,” she told Nicki. “It’s just really fun. It gets better every day.”

We love #Pariana and seriously LIVE for these adorable relationship updates!

You can listen to Ariana gush here by tuning in around the 01:05:00 mark.

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