Ariana Grande Breaks Down Crying Over Manchester Bombing in Emotional New Interview

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Ariana Grande has been forthcoming about dealing with the aftermath of the Manchester attack, but now she’s opening up like never before about the anxiety and the pain she still feels every day. After dropping her fourth album Sweetener last week, fans noticed a subtle tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing in the record’s final track, “Get Well Soon.” The song ends with 40 seconds of silence to bring the track’s running time to 5:22 – for the date of the bombing, 5/22.

The singer broke down in tears when she sat down with Ebro Darden on Beats 1 to discuss her latest album and what the song means to her. She tried to explain the track’s meaning but was immediately overcome with emotion — crying over the trauma she carries since the attack.

“It’s just about being there for each other and helping each other through scary times and anxiety,” Ariana said through tears. “There’s some dark sh*t out there, man. And we just have to be there for each other as much as we can. ‘Cause you never f*cking know, you know?”

She explained that “Get Well Soon” is about “personal demons and anxiety and more intimate tragedies as well.” While stressing the importance of mental health, Ariana explained that many of us don’t pay attention to what’s happening inside. “People don’t pay enough mind to it because we have things to do,” she said. “It’s why I felt like it was important to give people a hug, musically. I feel like the lyrics can be kind of corny when I talk about wanting to hug you and stuff, but I really do.”

She apologized throughout the interview for falling apart, but it’s easy to see that Ariana is haunted by the event that left 22 people killed and 59 left injured at her concert in 2017.

“Obviously [if you see it] on the news it affects you but not in the same way. You feel bad, you tweet it, you post a picture, you send your condolences, you say something and move on. But then Christmas comes and you’re thinking about it,” she said through tears once again.

Ariana went on to say that while most people forget about these tragic events, there are some that are permanently affected. She added that it changed her perspective completely and has made her realize that she needs to be more present. The 25-year-old even addressed why she decided to continue her scheduled European tour dates following the attack, revealing that she did not want to give in to fear and wanted to set an example for her fans who were fearless enough to show up.

“You want to keep going. You want to not be afraid because of course if you give them that, they’ve won. We did everything to not. And we still do everything to not. But the truth is, it’s scary,” Ariana added. “Going anywhere [is scary], and you look at places differently.”

Watch Ariana’s heartbreaking interview in the video below.

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