Ariana Grande Claps Back at Fan Who Accused Her of Cheating on Mac Miller with Pete Davidson

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Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande just can’t catch a break when it comes to her relationship with Pete Davidson. Though most people are happy that the two found one another, others just can’t stop criticizing them and their whirlwind romance. So much so that the Saturday Night Live star recently deleted all his Instagram photos and revealed he’s taking a break from social media to get away from all the negative energy. Unfortunately, some trolls contine to come after the couple and have even gone as far as accuse Ariana of cheating on Mac Miller with Pete while she was still with him.

Even though there is very, very little “evidence” to these allegations, but that hasn’t stopped fans from coming up with their own theories about what went on before Ariana’s breakup with Mac and Pete’s split from ex-girlfriend Cazzie David. Pete and Ariana’s relationship timeline has some people wondering whether or not their romance overlapped with their exes and if that means that cheating was involved.

So when IG user @agxchanel commented on Ariana’s post writing, “Ari cheated on maccccccc,” the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer decided enough was enough and finally put an end to the speculation. “I didn’t but go off,” she replied back. “Can you like go stan someone else? Ur boring.”

The same IG user then left another comment, writing that she’s going to skip the song “Pete Davidson” whenever it comes plays on the Ariana’s new album, Sweetner. Again, Ariana was not having any of it. She replied, “awwwwww boo f*cking hoo Alexa play Pete Davidson.”

Click through Ariana’s clap backs in the screenshots below:

The 25-year-old wasn’t done just yet though because, in another IG comment, she explained why she went off on her fan the way she did. She wrote, “jus done w the mean ones u kno? we’re supposed to be the most loving and funny and dope fan base around. i do not accept this energy anymore. there’s no room for it. it won’t be tolerate[d]. or noticed anymore tbh.”

So there you have it! Ariana is over the negative bullsh*t. Not only is it rude to assume that she cheated on her two-year relationship, but it also undermines their love story and what they had as a couple. This isn’t even the first time Ariana has had to defend herself against trolls who claim she was unfair to Mac for moving on so quickly. Back in May, she opened up about him and revealed that her relationship with the rapper was “toxic,” implying that their split was basically a long time coming.

We’re proud of Ariana for defending herself yet, again. TBH, she has so many better and more exciting things to look forward to, like her new album and her upcoming wedding to Pete.

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