Cara Delevingne & Ashley Benson Spotted Kissing, But What About Those Cornrows?

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Even though Zac Efron was slammed for sporting dreadlocks just a few weeks ago and Kim Kardashian was bashed for wearing cornrows again at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in June, it seems like the Twitter Army has decided that Cara Delevingne’s decision to appropriate Black culture is permissible today – simply because it’s being reported that the model has “confirmed” her relationship with Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson after the two were spotted smooching at Heathrow airport in London.

For those of you who may not know, the hairstyle of cornrows originated in Africa and, according to AfroBella is “a skill, an ancient tradition passed down from sub-Saharan Africa.” Thus, the style’s more recent ties to “coolness” – now that white celebrities like Kim, Kylie Jenner, and Cara are wearing them – is often thought of as a racist microaggression in the form of cultural appropriation. Usually, at the first whiff of cultural appropriation, Twitter goes wild with people ‘canceling’ the star in question.

But when it comes to Cara’s lewk today, a Twitter search of “Cara Delevigne cornrows” yields only one result:

This is not the first time that Cara’s been seen worn cornrows – in fact, she’s been at the center of backlash because of it in the past. She donned a similar hairstyle at the Elle Style Awards in 2014 and the Met Gala the year before.

Now, don’t get us wrong, it is pretty exciting that Cara and Ashley seem to be dating (let’s keep in mind that they haven’t confirmed the status themselves), but when we pick and choose when to be upset over white people wearing cornrows and when not to be, we risk not being able to make a point that this matters at all.

UPDATE 8/14/18 3:13 PM EST:
It appears the criticism has begun to roll in…

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