Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Star Ross Lynch Gushes Over His Connection With Kiernan Shipka

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Ross Lynch/Instagram

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hasn’t even premiered yet and we’re already swooning over the show’s stars, Ross Lynch and Kiernan Shipka. It’s very safe to assume that these two – who will play the new Sabrina Spellman and Harvey Kinkle in the high-anticipated Netflix reboot – will soon become our new favorite couple ship (sorry, #Bughead). But, just in case you’re not convinced, Ross totally gushed about his co-star recently, telling Vulture that they immediately hit it off.

He revealed that part of why they connected so quickly was because they were both child actors growing up. In case you didn’t know, Kiernan nabbed the role of Mad Men‘s Sally Draper when she was just eight years old and went on to play the character for seven whole seasons. Ross also started his career at a young age, rising to fame as Austin Moon on Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally.

“She’s super-professional and way beyond her years as far as her maturity goes, but she’s also younger in some ways than your average 18-year-old,” he shared about her. “We relate in that way.”

But that’s not the only reason why Ross can relate to Kiernan. He said they also bonded over the fact that they were both never able to have real romantic relationships. “We don’t have normal lives. We never had regular relationships as far as boyfriends and girlfriends,” he said.

Now, we don’t want to jump the gun here, but this sounds like the beginning of a love story. Boy meets girl followed by bonding over the fact that they never found love, which leads to the most epic love story ever. Plus, they’re co-stars so they spend all of their time together. We like to dream, and Ross and Kiernan are definitely two people we can see working out as a couple. BUT ANYWAY, Kiernan pretty much burst our bubble because she said she’s too “busy” to have a relationship RN.

Elsewhere in the interview, the actress teased CAOS‘s possible love triangle between Sabrina, Harvey, and a warlock named Nicholas Scratch (played by Gavin Leatherwood). “It’s not very hard to like either of those boys, to be honest. They’re really cute,” she said.

Last month, CAOS‘s Twitter account shared this photo of the good-looking trio, sending fans into a frenzy over the idea that someone might come between Sabrina and Harvey!

According to Nicholas’s character description, he’s “a young and handsome warlock at the Academy of Unseen Arts who befriends Sabrina when she’s a new student. An acolyte of Sabrina’s father’s teachings, Nicholas is drawn to Sabrina — and there are immediate sparks between them.”

Ah! We cannot wait! We love us a good love triangle! The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina officially premieres on Netflix October 26th. Spooky.

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