Dylan O’Brien Spotted Hanging Out With Former “Crush” Chloë Grace Moretz

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Just in case all the surprise celebrity engagements weren’t enough excitement for you this summer, we have some pretty adorable news for you regarding Chloë Grace Moretz and Dylan O’Brien. According to People, Chloë and Dylan were spotted hanging out together in LA on Wednesday night, which is pretty interesting when you consider the fact that Dylan once admitted he had a crush on Chloë – before awkwardly retracting his statement. Keep reading for all the deets!

Chloë and Dylan were seen hanging out at The Nice Guy together (a restaurant that’s always been a huge celebrity hotspot). The pair arrived separately but left together, and apparently Dylan left in Chloë’s car. While that kind of sounds like a date, the fact that there were friends with them for every part of the evening – even the “leaving together” part – muddles things a bit. The whole group went to another club called The Avenue together after leaving The Nice Guy, and no word on what the getting-home situation was for the group after that.

Based on this one night, it’s hard to say if anything’s going on beyond friendship here and we don’t want to jump to any conclusions. But it’s definitely worth noting that Dylan has admitted to having a crush on Chloë in the past, despite their five-year age difference. Back in 2011, Dylan gushed over Chloë’s performance in the movie Kick-Ass and then, after he realized she was only 14 at the time (and he was 19), he took it all back, so as not to seem creepy. Good call, Dyl.

In fact, at first, he called Chloë “the most badass little chick I’ve ever seen.” He then elaborated, saying, “What she did in Kick-Ass is amazing and I have a crush on her,” when talking to Hollywire n 2011, later taking it all back after he’d looked her up on Wikipedia and found out how young she actually was.

“I would like to take it back and retract and say that I think Chloë is a very cute and talented girl. I don’t have a crush on her,” he told the site at the time.

But now, it’s 2018, and Chloë’s 21 years old — and since Dylan is 26, the age gap is still there, but it’s not quite as dramatic as a 19-year-old having a crush on an underage 14-year-old. They might also both be single right now, since, as W pointed out, Chloë and Brooklyn Beckham are over, and although Dylan was linked to Britt Robertson for six years, fans started to speculate the two had split earlier this year after they hadn’t been spotted together in quite some time. Maybe the timing is finally right for Chloë and Dylan, or maybe they’re just friends, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait to find out.

If they are dating, we’re kind of excited about it, because they make an adorable couple. But maybe no more surprise engagements this summer? Our heads are still spinning from the last three, and honestly, we need a break.

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