Fans Slam Pretty Little Liars Star Shay Mitchell For “Fake” Makeup Ad

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Shay Mitchell/Instagram

It seems like Shay Mitchell just can’t catch a break. Remember when fans accused her of faking her Instagram posts? Now, she’s being accused yet again – this time for faking a makeup remover ad. In case you didn’t know, the Pretty Little Liars star is a Bioré ambassador so she often posts videos using their products in order to promote the brand. Over the weekend, she shared a video of herself using a makeup remover… except she didn’t actually remove her makeup.

“I have obviously tried my fair share of makeup removers, but these are by far my favorite,” she claims at the start of the filtered Snapchat video. She even goes as far as pouring the liquid onto a cotton pad before making the motion of wiping her eye to remove her makeup. But here’s the thing: Not only can we literally see her faking it, but her eye makeup is still perfectly intact afterward. What’s even more embarrassing is that she then shows the camera the smudged cotton pad.

Check out the video below – and prepare to cringe like you’ve never cringed before.

Now, Shay has been slammed for false advertising and trying to dupe customers into buying the product. While we understand that she probably has more urgent things to do (like promoting her new Lifetime series with Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley), why risk your repuation like this? Fans obviously quickly caught on and her clip was mercilessly mocked on Twitter.

All jokes aside though, it’s epic fails like this that make us question everything. Some fans truly take their favorite celebrity’s opinions to heart, so the truth of the matter here is that the least Shay could have done is not fake it. If she really didn’t want to remove her makeup, she could have found another way to promote the product. This made her look foolish AF. Also, when celebs pretend to use a product, it justs adds to the doubts that people already have about the beauty community.

Like we mentioned before, this isn’t the first time Shay has come under fire on social media. In April, she was accused of faking her IG photos after eagle-eyed followers realized that the snaps from her exotic travels to Hong Kong were actually taken from other websites. It was so weird and fans were seriously confused as to why she would do such a thing. The same can we said about her fake ad, which can only mean that Shay really believes she can get away with things like this.

She hasn’t commented on the incident yet, but her best bet is to poke fun at herself. She should also probably avoid doing this again if she wants to remain Bioré’s ambassador.