A High School Musical TV Show Is Coming To Disney Channel!

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Wildcats, rejoice! Ten years after we said goodbye to Troy, Gabriella, and the rest of the gang, Disney Channel has officially announced that a High School Musical TV show is happening! The new series will be about a group of kids doing High School Musical as their school’s theatre production (“only to realize that as much drama is happening offstage as on”). FYI – this doesn’t mean a High School Musical 4 isn’t happening anymore. The TV show is something completely different!

The 10-episode scripted series, titled High School Musical: The Musical, will be shot docu-style (something like what Riverdale did for its musical episode) and each episode will include a new rendition of a beloved song from the original HSM, as well as new original song of its own.

Disney also released a bunch of details regarding the show, including a breakdown of its characters. It will follow some new East Hill students, such as Ricky and Nini, high school juniors who have been dating for a year before she breaks up with him for a guy she met at camp. There’s also Big Red, Ricky’s BFF who low-key loves Nini too, and Gina, who was voted “Most likely to push you down a flight of stairs.” Hmm, sounds to us like she could be the new Sharpay Evans…

How great does this sound? We’re officially excited AF. Disney is currently casting the show and has also released descriptions of its main characters.

Ricky (who is totally the Troy Bolton of the series) is described as a “snarky sweetheart, a B-minus student,” and the star of the show. Like we mentioned before, he’s been dating a girl named Nini for a year, but she unexpectedly breaks up with him for E.J., which compels him to devise a bold plan to win her back. So, he auditions to play opposite her in the school’s musical.

Nini, who is described as “fiercely loyal, “an iron butterfly,” and “stronger than she first appears,” gets back from summer camp, where she found both her voice and a new boyfriend. E.J., who is Nini’s new love interest, is described as “the type of ambitious entrepre-nerd who brings homemade props to auditions.” However, other students should think twice before crossing him.

Big Red is Ricky’s best friend and “lifelong wingman.” He’s described as “a skate rat,” who’s had a major crush on Nini since middle school. He’s faced with “a moral best-friend dilemma” after Ricky and Nini break up, but joins the backstage crew of the musical to be closer to her.

Gina (aka Sharpay 2.0) is described as a “polished pro” and “an entitled princess” who believes that the drama teacher should have cast her as the lead, not Nini.

Head over to Deadline to check out the other characters! Meanwhile, there’s no word yet when the series will debut, but Disney Channel’s new streaming service is set to launch in late 2019. So, if all goes well, we could get to see the new HSM much sooner than we all thought!

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