Feud Over!? Karlie Kloss & Taylor Swift Publicly Hang Out for the First Time in a Year

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Karlie Kloss/Instagram

We can all breathe a heavy sigh of relief because Karlie Kloss is still a Taylor Swift fan and all is right in the world. The Victoria’s Secret model may have ended feud rumors for good after attending the “Shake It Off” singer’s Nashville concert on Saturday, August 25. This can only mean that the two are indeed still friends — or at the very least, they repaired their broken friendship.

The pair hung out in public for the first time in a YEAR, according to The Daily Mail. Yes, a full 365 days had gone by since we’ve seen the pair in the same place. But Taylor invited Karlie to her concert, where she was spotted proudly supporting her friend in the crowd. She was seen singing along and dancing to Taylor’s hit songs, and also shared a few pictures and videos on her social media. In one clip, she can be seen rushing to the VIP section just as the concert begins.

After the concert was over, the duo posed for a selfie together backstage:

We think it’s safe to say their supposed feud is officially over, right? There definitely seems to be no ~bad blood~ between Karlie and Taylor, at least not anymore…

As a refresher on the Taylor-Karlie drama, fans first started speculating that something was up when Karlie wasn’t included in Taylor’s “Looks What You Made Me Do” video in 2017. In the vid, Taylor is seen wearing a T-shirt bearing the names of her best friends (including squad members Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, and Lena Dunham) and Karlie was noticeably absent. Then, there was the whole Taylor-refusing-to-be-on-Karlie’s-TV-show thing and how can we forget when Karlie was seen hanging out with Katy Perry in February?

In a March interview with The New York Times, Karlie briefly addressed the feud rumors, revealing that there’s nothing going on between them. “Don’t believe everything you read,” she simply said, adding that she and Taylor still talk regularly and remain great friends.

However, something still didn’t feel right. We also can’t blame fans for thinking something was off. Too many shady things were going on for them not to believe Taylor and Karlie had had a falling out. Swifties truly lost all chill last month, though, when Karlie was seen on a yacht in Sicily, Italy, with none other than Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. If there’s one thing we know about Taylor, it’s that hanging out with one of her exes is a big no-no.

There’s no telling what really caused their cool-off period (or what resolved it), but we’re happy these two are hanging out again. We missed you, #Kaylor.

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