Ariana Grande Pens Sassy Response To Katy Perry’s Instagram Shade

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Ariana Grande Pens Sassy Response to Katy Perry s Instagram Shade katy perry ariana grande jpg

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It looks like Katy Perry traded in her celebrity feud with Taylor Swift for one with Ariana Grande. Although the two have seemed to get along great in the past, a certain shady Instagram comment has fans thinking there might be some beef between the “Swish Swish” singer and the pop princess. And to attack our girl Ari when she’s on a hot streak with her album release and that VMA appearance?! Unthinkable.

It all started when Ariana posted a snippet of the music video for her new song “Get Well Soon” to her IG page a few days ago. It shows her sitting on a staircase with her jacket dropped to hang below her shoulders.

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Ariana Grande Pens Sassy Response to Katy Perry s Instagram Shade ariana grande no jacket png

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Katy came in hot commenting, “Can you put on your jacket once please just once.” As Pop Crave points out, it’s true that this is a ~lewk~ that Ari frequently goes with. But WTF is with the shade?

Ariana commented back with a simple but stern: “@katyperry no.”

Just a few years ago, in 2013, the two were singing each other’s praises publicly, with Katy saying Ariana had “the best female vocal in pop music today” and Ari mentioning Katy’s a “true friend & an inspiration.” Then again, Katy said Taylor was “sweet as a pie” in 2009 and we all know how that one ended up.

While this one comment alone doesn’t necessarily throw them into confirmed celebrity beef territory, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled to see how their future interactions go. In a couple years, Katy just might be sending Ari a *literal* olive branch… and all over a jacket?!