Hackers Leak Fake Nude Photo to Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart’s Twitter Account

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Not again! Just days after her Riverdale co-star and boyfriend Cole Sprouse‘s Twitter was hacked, Lili Reinhart’s social media accounts were compromised, with hackers even tweeting out a fake nude photo. It is believed that she was targeted by the same group of hackers that infiltrated Cole’s account because they made it clear that they hacked her account out of spite for defending the actor.

On August 13, hackers tweeted some pretty horrific things from Cole’s account, including an uncomfortable message about his twin brother Dylan Sprouse‘s rumored new girlfriend, Barbara Palvin having sex with someone else. Though his hacker didn’t share any graphic photos of him online, they did allege that Cole was violated during his years as a Disney actor. “Disney is one weird company to work for, had to suck off so many old dudes legit,” one tweet read.

At the time, Lili alerted fans that Cole lost control of his account and also had some choice words for the hackers. Who knew this would entice them to hack her account next…

“Shouldn’t have talked sh*t about us, here’s to lili fans found this masterpiece in iCloud,” the hackers tweeted from her account alongside a nude photo they claimed was her. Her rep then confirmed to Yahoo Entertainment that “the photo is absolutely fake” and The Blast later revealed the pic is from a 2012 pornographic video. Also, many pointed out that the naked women’s body doesn’t feature the beauty mark that Lili has right above her belly button (as seen in the pic below).

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We’re assuming that Lili has regained control of her account because the tweets have been removed. Lili’s sister Tessa Reinhart also told followers that the actress was aware of the hacking. She wrote on her Instagram Story, “A PSA. Everyone in my family, including Lili, knows that her accounts are hacked. Thank you for trying to let us know, she’s getting the situation handled.”

It’s unclear who is behind the attack, but we’re glad everything is under control again. Interestingly enough, Cole even seemingly predicted something like this would happen to him. After he was hacked, fans pointed out that he tweeted, “The point is to establish a strange enough twitter that if someone hacks your sh*t it would just look like business as usual,” back in June.

Sooooo weird, right? It sucks that Cole and Lili – who are known for keeping their lives so private – had to fall victim to a cyber attack. Being in the public eye definitely comes with its ups and downs but hopefully, they won’t have to go through anything like this again.

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