Nikki Bella Shares Heartbreaking Message On Her & John’s Cena’s Six-Year Anniversary

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Nikki Bella Shares Heartbreaking Message on Her   John s Cena s Six Year Anniversary nikki bella message john cena anniversary jpg

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Desipite their relationship’s ups and downs, John Cena will always have a special place in ex-fiancée Nikki Bella‘s heart. The two may have broken up for good this time, but that doesn’t mean that the Total Bellas star isn’t still heartbroken over it. In fact, it’s totally normal to mourn a relationship that lasted so long and meant so much – even if you’re the one to end it. So, on what would have been their sixth anniversary as a couple, Nikki shared a gut-wrenching message to John – and yes, we’re crying ugly tears.

She posted a photo with the message, “You’ve changed me forever and I’ll never forget you” on Instagram alongside the numbers “8/9 | 6.” The caption refers to her and John’s anniversary date and the number of years they would have been celebrating if they were still together.

8/9 | 6

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Doesn’t her message just break your heart? We can’t help but feel so sad for her. Thankfully, she has some amazing fans who are being so supportive during this difficult time. “It takes a strong woman to do what breaks your heart but knowing it was the right thing to do for yourself. You are stronger than you know. And you have such a strong support system. Proud of you,” one IG user while many others filled the comments section of her post with hearts and positive messages.

It’s crazy just how much things can change in a year, huh? In 2017, Nikki shared a completely different message to celebrate her five-year anniversary. “5 years with this giant teddy bear. He has and is my heart and soul. So happy God brought him, my soulmate into my life. I pray so hard every day and night that we will get to see each other grow old and grey,” she wrote.

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She also wrote that that would be her and John’s last anniversary before she walks down the aisle and becomes “Mrs. Cena.” As we all know, the couple called off their engagement in April. They tried to work on their relationship and get it back to where it was, but it was too late. After months of reconciliation rumors, the two ultimately decided to part ways.

“I had a beautiful and loving 6-year relationship with a wonderful man. I have the utmost respect for John, but I know this is what’s best for me,” Nikki told E! News last month.

She’s alluding to the fact that she feels like she needs time alone in order to figure out what she wants. If you’ve been following her reality show, then you know that she’s said that in order to even think about a future with John, she needs to find herself again. It’s an understandable and mature decision IOHO and we truly hope that it proves effective for their relationship.

We really mean it when we say we’re rooting for these two…