Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart Slams Cole Sprouse Hackers After Scary Tweets Go Viral

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If you follow Cole Sprouse on Twitter, then you might have woken up to some strange Twitter notifications this morning. But, as we all know, the Riverdale star is not your average tweeter. In fact, he often posts weird content which usually consists of him jokingly mocking his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse. However, these tweets were different. They were completely out of character and VERY explicit! This could obviously mean only one thing: he was hacked. But not to worry because Lili Reinhart came to his defense.

It turns out, Cole’s Twitter account was hacked by a group of Fortnite players last night. The hackers not only tweeted uncomfortable things about Dylan’s rumored new girlfriend, Barbara Palvin, but they wrote some pretty savage messages about Disney, too.

“Disney is one weird company to work for, had to suck off so many old dudes legit,” one scary tweet read. It wasn’t long before fans began putting the pieces together and realized it wasn’t Cole – especially after the tweet about Barbara, in which the hackers wrote, “Gurv f*cked Dylan’s gf on BD.”

Check out all the tweets in the screenshots below:

The hackers even tweeted that Cole was going to have a meet-and-greet in Los Angeles, which is impossible since the actor is currently in Vancouver working on Riverdale. We know this because the whole cast flew back after the 2018 Teen Choice Awards over the weekend.

A few hours after the tweets were posted, Lili let fans know that Cole’s account had indeed been hacked. She also slammed his hackers like the perfect girlfriend that she is.

We love the way Lili always has Cole’s back. Honestly, they just continue to prove that they’re the real deal – even if they don’t want to confirm their relationship status. It’s okay, though, because we’re completely satisfied with these little signs of affection every now and then.

Cole has yet to address the hacking himself, but it seems like he has since regained possession of his account because the tweets have been deleted. Luckily, the hackers didn’t do too much damage with his account. Compared to other celebrities who have been hacked in the past (like when his brother’s nude photos were leaked online!), this isn’t even close to the worst hacking we’ve seen.

Now, we’ll make sure to turn on notifications for his Twitter account because we all know that Cole will probably have something snarky to say about all this once he decides to resurface!

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