Mac Miller’s Friend Reveals Ariana Grande Tried to Help Him Get Sober

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Ariana Grande/Instagram

In the wake of Mac Miller‘s shocking death, fans immediately pointed the blame to Ariana Grande. Not only was she bashed for moving on with Pete Davidson, but trolls accused her of giving up on Mac when he was in his time of need – which they believe led to his overdose. Now, the rapper’s friend Shane Powers has revealed that Ariana was integral in keeping Mac sober and healthy and that no one was more supportive of him as he battled addiction than she was.

While paying tribute on his podcast The Shane Show, he spoke about Mac’s relationship with Ariana and says she was incredibly influential on his path to sobriety.

“I have to say, she was incredible when he was first sobering up,” he said in audio obtained by TMZ. “She was a f*cking G to him. There could not have been anybody more supportive of him being sober than Ariana. I saw that. I was around it. I took phone calls from her: ‘How do I help? What do I do?’ This girl was unbelievably involved and helpful to him in being healthy.”

He continued, “Because whether he’s an addict or not, the way that Mac partied was not healthy, but there was no one in his life more ready to go to the wall for him when it came to him being sober. She was an unbelievably stabilizing force in his life. She was deeply helpful and effective in keeping him sober and helping him get sober. She was all about him getting healthy. Period.”

Listen to a snippet from his podcast below:

Mac was pronounced dead at 11:51 a.m. at home in Studio City, California, on Friday, September 7th. His family confirmed his death by issuing the following statement to E! News: “Malcolm McCormick, known and adored by fans as Mac Miller, has tragically passed away at the age of 26. He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends, and fans. Thank you for your prayers. Please respect our privacy. There are no further details as to the cause of his death at this time.”

Following his death, trolls flooded Ariana’s Instagram, writing things like “You killed Mac,” “It’s your fault he’s dead,” etc. It was so bad that she had to disable her comments. Ariana has not spoken publicly about Mac’s passing, but she did post this caption-less photo of him to IG.

Honestly, the hatred that Ariana received from Mac’s fans is shocking. Blaming her for his death is wrong and they need to stop. It’s not her fault – and the fact that she has to mourn her ex-boyfriend and deal with all these hateful comments is just devastating. It also shifts the focus away from mourning Mac, an amazing musician who passed away way too soon.

We hope that Shane’s recent comments put an end to all the hate because Ariana needs love right now. Mac was an important person in her life for a long time and losing someone you once loved – no matter how your relationship changed after the split – is absolutely heartbreaking.

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