This Is Us Casts a Former Disney Star to Play Jack’s Brother

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The wait for This Is Us‘ third season is almost over, and now, we have another detail about what we can expect on the new episodes. As Deadline originally reported, Michael Angarano will play Jack’s brother, Nicky, and if you think he looks familiar, there’s a very good reason for that: he starred in one of your favorite Disney Movies from the mid-2000s. Sky High!

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Michael is set to take on a role for the NBC show that, so far, has been a little mysterious. We don’t know much about Nicky yet — just that he died while he and Jack fought alongside each other in the Vietnam war, and that it’s taken a huge emotional toll on Jack, especially when it comes to his drinking habit. We’ve gotten a couple of flashbacks with Nicky, including one where he and Jack were children and Jack tried to shield him from their alcoholic, abusive father. This part of Jack’s back story is huge, and knowing that Nicky has been cast means that we’ll probably get most of our questions answered about what happened to him when Jack was younger. Knowing This Is Us, their scenes together are probably going to make us cry.

Michael’s already been a part of other shows and movies you know and love. Not only did he play Will Stronghold in Sky High, but he also played Jack’s son, Elliot, on Will & Grace, as well as guest-starring roles on other shows.

Being cast in This Is Us is a pretty big deal considering how many people are obsessed with it, especially if it means becoming part of the Pearson family. Michael shared his excitement about his new gig on Twitter, and apparently, it’s not just him who’s pumped about this development in his career — his grandma seems pretty over the moon about it, too, and not just because she’s proud of her grandson.

“I am beyond grateful and very excited to be a part of this show,” he wrote. “My grandmother even told her dentist.”

Of course. If your grandkid is going to be on This Is Us, you tell everyone, including your dentist, and you make them watch.

The show has hinted that whatever happened to Nicky while he and Jack were in the war has significantly impacted the rest of his life, so there’s a chance that Nicky’s role in all of this could end up being pretty huge — and that means we could have Michael around for a while.

This Is Us returns on Tuesday, September 25 on NBC, so get your tissues ready. We have a feeling we’re all going to need them.

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