To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Star Israel Broussard Apologizes for “Insensitive” Tweets

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While most of us have been swooning hard over Noah Centineo (aka Peter Kavinsky), another To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star has been under fire for controversial tweets that recently resurfaced online. TBH, though, they aren’t from that long ago. Israel Broussard, the actor who plays Lara Jean’s love interest Josh Sanderson in the Netflix rom-com, upset a lot of fans after he allegedly sent out a series of problematic tweets in the past.

Some of the tweets have been deemed racist, anti-Asian, and anti-Muslim. He called Black Lives Matter a movement aimed at “Division,” as well as liked posts claiming that the Sandy Hook massacre was “staged” in order to scare and “disarm the public.” It doesn’t end there, though, because he even implied he would have a problem being cast as a gay character. YIKES. Come on, man.

According to screenshots, he also tweeted “Hashtags don’t f*cking matter. But all lives do. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Police lives matter” on July 8, 2016. Then in another tweet, which has since been deleted from his account, he wrote, “Black Lives Matter has one goal. Division.”

He allegedly made a joke about Japanese people too, which really upset fans since his co-star, Lana Condor, is an Asian-American actress. “Dogs can sense earthquakes. Too bad Japan ate them all,” he wrote in one tweet he posted two days after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan.

Check out some of his controversial tweets below:

Israel has since issued an apology regarding his past Twitter activity, writing, “I am deeply sorry for my inappropriate and insensitive words and likes on social media. I take full responsibility for my actions and I sincerely apologize. This has been a pivotal life lesson for me. I am dedicated to becoming a more informed and educated version of myself. Much love – Israel.”

While we understand that people change and he posted some of these tweets two years ago – others were posted mere months ago. It seems to us that the 24-year-old actor is backtracking because he doesn’t really have a choice. Fans are divided over his apology. Some, like @caro_willaert, argue that “Everyone makes mistakes. All we can do is hope that you have learned something from all of this.” Others say he only said sorry because got caught. Meanwhile, some are even threatening to start a petition to get his character killed off in the sequel…

Hmm, now we don’t have to wonder why Lara Jean ended up with Peter instead of Josh.

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