Watch Nina Dobrev’s Adorable Reaction To Paul Wesley Surprising Her On Set!

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Watch Nina Dobrev s Adorable Reaction to Paul Wesley Surprising Her On Set  paul wesley nina dobrev tvd reunion jpg

Nina Dobrev/Instagram Story

The Vampire Diaries may have ended for good last year, but IRL Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore keep proving that their doppelgänger love is eternal. Just months after reuniting in New York City, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have come together yet again after the actor showed up to support and surprise his former co-star during a live taping of her new CBS comedy, Fam.

“Supporting my buddy @nina,” Paul wrote alongside an Instagram Story that sees him waiting for Nina to spot him in the crowd. We don’t catch her reaction in his video, but in a clip uploaded to Nina’s account, you do, and it was totally worth the wait because it’s the cutest reaction ever.

For a moment, the actress forgets that she’s in front of a live audience and runs to hug Paul. The two share a beautiful moment and you can even hear her say “What are you [doing here]?” before she apologetically runs back to stand with her new co-stars. You can see the pure joy on her face as she claps in excitement. It’s such a perfect reaction that it leaves Paul smiling from ear to ear.

#Delena might have been the show’s favorite ship, but IRL, #Dobsley has our hearts.

Like we mentioned, this isn’t the first reunion Nina and Paul have had since the show wrapped up. Aside from reuniting in May, the pair linked up back in December 2017 as well when they bumped into each other during a snowy night in NYC. They even shared this epic selfie:

We’ll never get enough of these two and with TVD and The Originals gearing up for the most amazing CW crossover ever (aka the new series Legacies premiering this fall), we’re hoping that at least one of them considers coming back to play their characters. We’re aware that Stefan sacrificed himself and died in the finale, but um, when has death ever stopped a character from coming back? If Paul wants to reprise his role then we’re 100% sure Julie Plec will make it happen.

We can picture it perfectly: Elena and Damon find a way to bring him back to life and then Elena – who has her own medical practice now – takes care of Stefan until he’s back on his feet. Then, they can all live the life they wanted (as humans) and help the new generation of supernatural beings.

Oh, we can dream! You never know, though. In the meantime, we can look forward to all the countless other #Dobsley reunions that are bound to happen in the future!